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Capital’s Yoyo is a Yoyo brand based on Indonesia.
We strive to deliver high quality and unique feeling YoYo for the players around the world.

About Us

Capital’s yoyo is founded on 2012, marked by its first release, the Capital’s Serum.

But the story of designing a yoyo was way back on 2010, when Capital’s yoyo founder/mayor made the first prototype of the Angkasa. But unfortunately, the brand entered a long hiatus since then (you can blame the mayor for that). But even in the hiatus, the mayor keep designing YoYo and making prototype in his spare time until the release the Angkasa in 2016, and since then continue to release new model and refined YoYo.

Since the beginning, the mayor wants to make yoyo that are unique and performing well enough. Performance was never the main goal for each yoyo release by Capital’s Yoyo, but the mayor want to make sure that each model has enough performance to tackle the most demanding tricks.


The concept behind Capital’s yoyo is, roughly speaking, just like its name, like a Capital. The mayor is just as he is, the team member is called the senate of the capitals, and all yoyo player that has any model released by Capital’s yoyo is its citizen.

The naming of the brand has a story to tell too (bear with us, the mayor love telling stories). Our mayor really loves his last name better than his first name, at first the mayor want the brand to be named by the first letter of his last name, simply ‘k’. But he also want the brand to be stand out, simply saying, like the ‘kapital’ letter (English; Capital) on a paragraphs, so he change his mind and name the brand Kapital (with ‘K’, because he is Indonesian), but latter change to Capital, simply in hope to reach larger audience.


Capital’s YoYo abbreviation is CY. Why?

It is simply said verbally, CY sound like See Why.
The mayor really want you to CY (see why) we make YoYo, and CY (see why) our yoyo is different.

That is all.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site, hand has a chance to throw or even be a part of our citizen.


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