Capital’s Amelia

As the increasing amount of competitive players and contest, the mayor feel it is time to design a yoyo with a full on performance as its main goal.

The Amelia was design with pure performance in mind, zero wall, massive rim weight ratio, and tweaked for stability.

But, due to the ideal of Capital’s Yoyo, the mayor wants the yoyo to be unique, so the design was tweak to have segments, separating the body area and the rim weight area. The mayor name the concept an ‘overhang’ wall. It’s basically an H shape concept weight distribution jammed to a V shaped body.

It sounds impossible, but you may see the undercut under the rim to see how the concept work. This separation of the body and weight rim segments give the Amelia a great stability and solid feeling throw for its weight.

The name was chosen to reflect what Capital’s trying to archive with the design. Amelia is taken from the word Amelioration, means, in short, to be better.

Basic Spec.

  • Diameter ; 56.5 mm
  • Width ; 44 mm
  • Effective width ; 41 mm
  • Gap width ; 4.6 mm
  • Weight ; 65.5 grams
  • Finish ; Sandblasting, anodizing.
  • Bearing; size C, equipped with center track bearing.
  • Response system; 19 mm response pad
  • Material; 6061 Aluminum
  • Release year: 2017







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