Capital’s Antidote, Preproduction Vesion 1.2

In 2016, the mayor think that the brand need a low cost YoYo added to the line-up, he want a sub 50 USD YoYo to appeal more people to try the brands.

The mayor spends some of his spare time designing YoYos, there are many design of many models sitting on his computer, and a few actually made into prototype, this design is one of them.

There are version 1.0 of the YoYo, machined alongside the serum back on 2014, but has different machine shop and different material supplier than the serum, resulting as an unplayable prototype due to the weight and severe wobble.

But the mayor really like how the YoYo feel in his hands, so when the need of a new YoYo emerges, he went straight improvising the version 1.0, but due to the constrains of hitting the below than 50 USD price point, several other goals of the YoYo has to be put down, resulting on somewhat incomplete version of the design. the YoYo also serve as a test bed for some of the concept that the mayor has, mainly the middle weight distribution, and how to make a light yet quite solid throw, but it also has a feature that don’t really work, such as the finger spin hub (that is why the hub area look funny), hence the 1.2 designation.

Despite the highly experimental nature of the YoYo, it perform very well, and become one of the top selling model of the brand in late 2016.

Basic Specs

  • Diameter; 55.5 mm
  • Width; 44 mm
  • Effective Width; 42 mm
  • Gap Width: 4,3 mm
  • Weight; 65.2 gram
  • Material; 6061 Aluminum
  • Surface Finish; Sandblasted, Anodized
  • Bearing; Size C
  • Response System; 19 mm pad
  • Release year; 2016



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