Capital’s Antidote Version 2.0.1 Test Type 2

The quest for finding the successor to the previous Antidote continues.

While the original version 2 was already an awesome yoyo, the mayor went overboard to find the true successor worthy to be the second version or CY most popular yoyo.

The mayor want the yoyo to have a little bit more heft feel without altering its agility, he decided to add half a gram to the yoyo, resulting a more stable yoyo overall without altering much or its agility.

Now we might have a true version two, worthy of its predecessor.

Basic specs

Diameter; 55 mm

Width: 44 mm

Effective Width: 41 mm

Gap Width: 4.4 mm

Weight; 65.6 gram

Material: 6061 Aluminum

Bearing: Size C Center track Bearing

Response: 19 mm response pad

Release Date: N/A

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