Capital’s Antidote Vesion 2 Test Type

The Antidote has come back.

Sort of.

The preproduction version of the Antidote (dubbed Antidote Version 1.2) was released back in 2016, and was a pretty successful release from Capital’s YoYo. Only 50 Yoyo has been produce, with no plan to produce more of the same model.

After getting some feedback from the community, and find out what’s work on the previous model, the design has been tweaked to become the Version 2.

The basic specs hasn’t really change much, the dimensions are similar, weight are similar, silhouette are similar, as we don’t want to drastically change the yoyo.

What change?

Only some minor tweaks are done. The weight rings has been pushed outward, contrary to the previous version that has more of a middle weight rings.

This version is dubbed ‘Test type’ because it’s still on development phase. We want to test if the yoyo perform as desired before doing a full production run.


Basic specs

Diameter; 55 mm

Width: 44 mm

Effective Width: 41 mm

Gap Width: 4.4 mm

Weight; 65 gram

Material: 6061 Aluminum

Bearing: Size C Center track Bearing

Response: 19 mm response pad

Release Date: N/A

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