Capital’s Authentic

There are two goals we try to archive when designing the Authentic;

  1. To make a unique undersize yoyo
  2. To promote Indonesian culture to the world

To archive the first goal is not as easy as it seams, the mayor design a yoyo that is undersize in diameter, but but as his nature, he didn’t want the YoYo to be just another undersize YoYo. He then add some more width to the design. This is done to make landing tricks a bit easier, but made the YoYo a bit tricky to balance, but we sure glad the design has performed well. With its extra width and solid feeling, we sure you will be please with its play.

Next is to promote Indonesian culture to the world. Since the beginning, the mayor wants to make a YoYo that can also promote Indonesian cultural heritage, one way we could archive that is to engrave the YoYo with Indonesian traditional motives, like the well-known batik fabric or Songket fabric motives, this also take part on designing the yoyo. The mayor balance the yoyo in such way that the yoyo also has bit more area to engrave some of the traditional motives.

We could proudly say that the Authentic has archive both of our goals.

Basic specs

  • Diameter; 52 mm
  • Width; 46 mm
  • Effective width; 45 mm
  • Gap Width; 4, 3 mm
  • Weight; 67 gram
  • Material; 6061 aluminum
  • Surface finish; Sandblasted, anodize
  • Bearing; size C
  • Response system; 19 mm pad
  • Release year; 2017
  • Price; 55 USD



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