Capital’s Serum

As the first release from Capital’s Yoyo, there is not much to say about the yoyo.

The design was influence by the mayor favorite YoYo in 2014, H-shape low wall, and plenty of rim weight. However, the yoyo is really suffers from the unideal (so to speak) manufacturing condition on Indonesia. Many of the yoyo suffers from vibes and wobbles, the surface finish was little bit too harsh so it often cuts the string.

Still, as the mayor still thinks this yoyo is very far from perfect for Capital’s yoyo ideals, we still think the yoyo as ‘really good’. The performance is not too bad either (the mayor still throw his regularly by the way).

Diameter; 56 mm

  • Width; 44 mm
  • Effective Width; 42 mm
  • Gap Width: 4,3 mm
  • Weight; 67 gram
  • Material; 6061 Aluminum
  • Surface Finish; Sandblasted, Anodized
  • Bearing; Size C
  • Response System; Silicone
  • Release year; 2014




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