Capital’s X DRTYS Lanthanum


From Doctortoys description;

Lanthanum is a collaborative yoyo between @doctortoys and @capitalsyoyo. the Yoyo is designed to use in the competition in the hope that yoyo has good maneuverability and  comfortable to use for various tricks.

The basic design of the ‘V’ shape makes this yoyo good for speed trick and horizontal trick. the low inner wall provides longer horizontal spin time and makes horizontal bind easier to execute.

Smooth and long spin make very convenient for tricks and its ideal wide width makes the yoyo good for various hooks and slack trick.

the combination of sandblast and anodization as surface finish makes this yoyo comfortable to use for finger grind. Plus a curved outer wall (concave) allows you to do a finger spin trick. What are you waiting for?
Yoyo is made in small quantities, make sure you have it!

Diameter: 57mm
Width : 45mm
Effective Width : 43mm
Gap Width : 4.4mm
Weight : 65.9 gr
Material : 6061 Alimunioum
Bearing : Size C
Response : 19mm





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