We always try to ensure that our yoyo passed a high quality control standard, but in an unfortunate event, we have a warranty policy to back you up.

Standard manufacturer’s warranty;

  • We offer a 3 week manufacturer’s warranty from the day you receive your item. This warranty covers cosmetic flaws (anodizing and/or other surface treatment issues) and vibration to the yoyo. You may exchange your item for a new one.
  • This warranty does not cover striped axle thread (check repairable items disclosure for stripped axle thread)

Repairable items;

  • We also offer to repair your yoyo in case of undesirable event (i.e. striped axle threads after periods of use).
  • In order to claim this warranty, you should contact us directly using contact form available on this site.
  • Any method of repair should be approved by the user prior to execution.

The item you need in order to claim your warranty;

  • Purchase Invoice (if not applicable, you may state the reseller that you buy the yoyo from)
  • Shipping receipt (must clearly state the date that you receive the product)

We do not cover the cost of shipping to return the item back to us, however we will cover the cost of shipping a replacement back to you. Please provide a written address in the package to ease up the return.

This Warranty is only applicable to CY products.

B-Grades and item that are described to have no warranty on them (i.e. sale item) are omitted from this warranty.


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